Get Child Into Acting

Show business offers plenty of work for child actors for the simple reason that the current batch of talented and experienced child actors will eventually grow up and become adults. As a result, film, television, and theater need to find new faces all the time, and child actors are always in demand.

Show business uses all types of child actors, ranging in ages from newborn babies to teenagers who still aren't old enough to buy alcohol legally. So whatever age your child may be, he or she can always start an acting career at any time.

If your child happens to look younger than he or she really is, you can use that baby face to your advantage. Show business worships youth, not just for the physical attractiveness but because an older child actor who can pass himself off as younger child should be easier to manage on the set. Getting a 3-year-old to cooperate may be difficult, but getting a 5-year-old who looks like a 3-year-old is (hopefully) much easier on the director and the rest of the cast.

If you think that your child has what it takes to make it big as a child actor, this section gives you the tips that you need to help make his or her acting dreams come true. For starters, you need to ask yourself and your child whether you're willing to sacrifice time and money to help your kid become an actor. This section then describes the array of acting gigs your kid can try out for. Finally, you'll discover the laws and regulations you need to be aware of when your child gets called for an audition or arrives on the set of filming.

Click here ---> Auditions for Disney Channel Shows. Find acting tryouts for kids and teens on Disney Channel or become an extra in an upcoming original movie.

Join the world's leading acting community and find acting articles, casting calls, audition notices, career networking tools and links to SAG and AFTRA talent agents. Post your profile, submit your headshots/photos, resume and video clips online and be discovered by casting directors and talent scouts around the world.

New!  Child Acting Classes -  Has someone in your home been bitten by the acting bug? If it is your child, we can help you. In order to impress directors one day, they will need to enroll in acting classes.

New!  Fine Tuning Your Child's Special Talents - When it comes to auditioning, your child could become just another pretty face in the crowd unless they can show that they are not limited to one talent. While they are participating in acting classes, don’t neglect their other talents.


Kids In Show Business - "She is so pretty. You should get her in commercials." While this is sweet and very good for a parent’s ego, it may not be the best thing for the child. 

Find Disney Movie Auditions - Learn how to find movie and TV auditions with Disney.

The Making of a Child Actor - Is there a magical formula for someone to succeed as a child actor today? Definitely!

Does Your Baby Have Star Potential? - How can you tell if your baby has what agents and casting directors are looking for?



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